Today is a rather sad one in the Hipkiss/Mason household; it’s been a year since we lost one of our dearest members – Jean Jacques the cat (or JeJe as he was more usually known). It’s true that there have been many special felines who’ve shared our space over the years, but this one died in the prime of his life, of a nasty, drawn-out disease. Perhaps more importantly for our readers here – this is an art blog, after all! – he contributed a great deal to Hipkiss…

Those who watch closely might – now they’ve been enlightened – remember multiple works with his name in the title or scattered around the drawing. But his input was a lot more ‘paws-on’ than that. For a start, he spent about one third of our waking lives sprawled across the picture-of-the-day (most of the other two thirds being spent on the laps of one or other of us). But he also developed his own unique ‘trademark’; after an hour or so mousing in the garden, he would crash triumphantly through the cat-flap, bounce on to the table and march down the ‘path’ of the picture. He seemed particularly proud of this technique if it was raining outside. Hence, most of the Gersoise series (those large works that have been done since we moved to mudsville) feature strange objects, strategically placed to ‘make the most of’ his genius. He was an enormous presence, in every sense.

RIP JeJe – 2003-2010

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