The Bareface, Shameless and Downright Lies, mixed media on canvas, 2011.
The Barefaced, Shameless and Downright Lies, each 190x118cms, mixed media on canvas, 2011


Chris Hipkiss
The L.I.E.S
11. November – 22. December 2011

Delmes & Zander GbR
Antwerpener Str. 1
50672 Cologne
+49-221-52 16 25
Tue-Fr 12-6pm, Sat 11-2pm

We cordially invite you to the opening of our new show on
the coming Friday, 11th November from 6pm.

Chris Hipkiss and Alpha Mason are present.

Please be reminded, that Alpha Mason suffers from a serious fragrance allergy.
We would therefore kindly ask you to refrain from wearing perfume on the evening of the opening.
Thank you for your understanding.


Zur Ausstellungseröffnung am
Freitag, dem 11. November ab 18 Uhr
sind Sie herzlich eingeladen.

Chris Hipkiss und Alpha Mason sind anwesend.

Alpha Mason leidet unter einer massiven Duftstoffallergie. Wir möchten Sie deshalb
bitten an diesem Abend auf Parfum zu verzichten. Wir danken Ihnen für Ihr Verständnis.

Nicole Delmes und Susanne Zander

Londin In Europe, aka LIE 3/3
London In Europe aka LIE 3/3, 112x180cms, mixed media on paper, 2011

Plan of Format 9 (Working title only)
Plan of Format 9 (working title), c. 350x540cms, mixed media on canvas, yet to be completed. The work will be based on LIEs 1, 2 & 3, shown in this exhibition.


(A little belatedly…) please see the image in the last entry for the complete A∴C∴H∴E∴ layout.

Drawings for the next monster are already two-thirds done, and we are hard at work on a set of canvasses for an outing in the autumn. One day soon the website will be updated with this news in full, plus many images. It’s a busy summer here in the sunny south of France.

Meanwhile, here are a few installation shots from the Galerie Michael Haas show back in 2009 (with text in German).

Alpha Mason


April 10, 2011

I am very happy to report that our latest large work, and the first for over fifteen years, is nearing completion. A∴C∴H∴E∴ is a seven-paneled, eight-metre landscape made using pencil, ink and gold/silver leaf and destined to be first exhibited in a German/Swiss gallery in the near future. The drawing will also be the basis of its “Doppelganger”, a stitched, life-size canvas of the seven parts reworked by us (using various media) to consolidate the composition and all the various themes of the original. The idea behind A∴C∴H∴E∴ is to showcase our vision for future large projects: landscapes that ‘work’ individually and collectively as pencil-based drawings, but also as unique one-piece panoramas when transformed onto canvas. The intention is to have both works exhibited in the same space.

This idea is a response to the need to create vast works without the practical and psychological problems I have had in the past when using rolled paper. Inspired by processes used to create Grayson Perry’s The Walthamstow Tapestry, the resulting canvas will also expand on the continuing debate surrounding appropriation and conceptual art.

I always find it difficult to adequately explain my work, but I can say that I am conscious, now, of an attempt to distance myself from the ‘apocalyptic’ label; whether or not I have succeeded is for you to judge…

Chris Hipkiss


A∴C∴H∴E∴, complete drawings, 31 May 2011

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