Concerning misrepresentation, false claims of affiliation, and use of images without consent or contract of artist duo “Hipkiss” by Christian Berst, Paris, via the use of an obsolete pseudonym, a fabricated biography and the implication that there exists a single, male ‘art brut’ artist called “Chris Hipkiss”.

Concernant la fausse représentation, une fausse déclaration d’affiliation et l’utilisation d’images sans consentement ou contrat du duo d’artistes “Hipkiss” par Christian Berst, Paris, via l’utilisation d’un pseudonyme obsolète, une biographie fabriquée et l’implication qu’il existe un artiste d’art brut’, seul et masculin, qui s’appelle “Chris Hipkiss”.

Video of Hipkiss show

July 31, 2013

Thanks to Marcelo Flaibani, we now have a wonderful – and very thorough! – video of our 2013 show at Jack Hanley Gallery (note: we still used the pseudonym “Chris Hipkiss” at that time):

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